Late last year, I learned that Dog Ear Publishing—the publisher of my award-winning book, Libido’s Twist—had gone out of business in early in 2020. I discovered it by accident when I logged on to my Dog Ear account. Because the publisher was no longer in business, the book was not available for purchase. I along with many other authors scrambled to find a publisher to re-publish our books. Re-publishing Libido’s Twist required a new cover, ISBN numbers (one for each version—e-book and paperback) and publishing information.

After much research, I found Bublish, a well-respected publishing services company headed by Founder and CEO, Kathy Meis. We agreed what was required and began the process. My Bublish project manager, Shilah LaCoe did a fantastic job in managing this process. By late March, Libido’s Twist, with this new cover, was once again available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and other online book retailers.

Although each of my four novels can be read as standalone stories, Libido’s Twist provides the backstory to the other Jake Palmer novels, including how Jake and Fiona met.