Libido’s Twist

When a former colleague at B&A Pharmaceuticals asks Jake Palmer to investigate the suspicious deaths of the company’s physician researcher and his nurse in a car crash in southwest England, he is reluctant but accepts the assignment. Palmer and Fiona Collins, a tenacious company auditor, travel to a small town on the Cornish coast, where they soon become entangled in a web of deceit, ambition, and murder that places their lives in imminent danger.

The Drone Enigma

Jake Palmer accepts an offer from a former Navy SEAL teammate to consult with his company on the death of an engineer assigned to a top-secret project—the development of the navigation and targeting systems for an experimental Navy drone. Two days after accepting the offer, Palmer finds his friend shot dead. Pursued by the police and headed for an engagement with a large, well-armed terrorist cell, Palmer is close to defeat when he receives help from the most unlikely person. With only hours to spare, they race to stop an attack half a world away.

“Addictive…you do not want to lay it down! Well-researched and real world scenario filled with excitement.” Rear Admiral Don “Smoke” Hickman, SC, USN (Ret.)

“McManus sets the hook in the first few pages and then lets you run with it.  Current and relevant to today’s modern battlefield, the plot’s twists and turns keep this a page-turner to the very end.” Captain Steve Burich, USN (Ret.)

“Superbly written nail biter…Tied together masterfully…Great military authenticity…Grabs you and won’t let go…The breathtaking threat of armed drones in the hands of terrorists brought to reality…What a ride.” Colonel Stephen D. Cork, USA (Ret.), author of the military thriller, Sir I Can Explain

“McManus hits a home run with The Drone Enigma, blending modern drone warfare with exceptional realism against possible terrorist threats to our national security.” Brigadier General Jim Ward, USAF (Ret.)

“Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down. Most novels are to be tasted, The Drone Enigma is to be devoured.” Captain Jack Lieberman, USNR (Ret.)

“This novel has the plot and enough real-life technology to place it squarely in a group with the legends of the genre.” Bob Armfield, Agent (Ret.), Raleigh-Wake CCB

“A harrowing adventure in the high tech world of unmanned aircraft. A fast-paced thriller you simply can’t put down.” Darin Gibby, author of The Vintage Club and Why Has America Stopped Inventing?

The Envelope

Jake Palmer is in New York with his London-based love interest Fiona Collins when he has a seemingly chance encounter with a US Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) special agent. Moments later the agent is gunned down, and Palmer is left with an envelope containing a cryptic note from the agent. Palmer teams with special agent now in charge of the case. Together, they pursue those behind a global counterfeit medicine and money-laundering operation. As the case unfolds, Palmer makes a startling discovery that raises his personal stake in the outcome and reveals the real reason the murdered HSI agent wanted him involved.

“A masterful use of clarity and detail provide an exciting and authentic look into the world of counterfeit medicine and money laundering. I highly recommend this exciting and enjoyable book.”
William R. Anderson, US Customs Service Special Agent (Retired) and former member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

“The Envelope kept me in suspense from page to page following Jake…A thrilling, enjoyable read!”
Barbara McNally, author of Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife

“Ron McManus has blessed us with another Jake Palmer high adventure…Exceptionally well-written and several notches beyond exciting…A warning though—make sure your docket is free for the day, because once you pick up this beauty, you’re hooked.”
Larry Lindsey, Retired Naval Officer, Vietnam Veteran, and Author of Stump!

“…be prepared to binge-read this brain-splitting international mystery.”
Tom Wise, author of Life on Base: Quantico Cave

“Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down. Most novels are to be tasted, The Drone Enigma is to be devoured.” Captain Jack Lieberman, USNR (Ret.)

“Jake Palmer is back on the job in this action-packed thriller from Ron McManus…A fast-paced adventure set in some of the world’s most picturesque places, The Envelope is a book that you simply cannot put down.”
Darin Gibby, author of Gil and The Vintage Club

The Chameleon

Jake Palmer has signed on as a contractor with a top-secret US Joint Special Operations Command team in Islamabad, Pakistan. Palmer and his JSOC partner work to uncover a suspected mole and gather intelligence regarding the security of Pakistan’s nuclear weapon arsenal as the country prepares for war with India. Fears regarding security of the weapons escalate when Pakistan decides to deploy its arsenal and rumors surface that a shadowy figure, the Chameleon, will attempt to divert a nuclear warhead during the deployment. With a nuclear war countdown clock at a minute ‘til midnight, Palmer and his partner risk everything to prevent the Chameleon from carrying out a plan for the world’s first act of nuclear terrorism.

“Exhilarating…a fast-paced, absorbing terrorist tale.”  Kirkus Reviews

“…an international action and adventure thriller, masterfully researched and crafted for an exhilarating ride.” Readers’ Favorite ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“…a book you want to place high on your list of thrillers and suspense experiences.” Readers’ Favorite ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“…a fast-paced, action/adventure thriller that will ultimately give every international thriller a run for its money!” Readers’ Favorite ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐