Many readers, especially those reading e-books, skip the publishing company’s name and other front matter and simply start reading. This is especially true when using e-book readers, such as a Kindle or Nook, where the beginning of the prologue or first chapter is the default starting point. Therefore, my readers may have missed the fact that my books are now published under my publishing company imprint, Bay Beach Books, an LLC that I registered in the State of Virginia, where I reside. So, what is an imprint and why do I need one?

At some point in time, authors become more aware of the publishing process and more actively involved in the management of it. The imprint is an author’s brand. Having an imprint acknowledges that your writing is a business, not a hobby. For me, the creative process of writing is what motivates me. The steps necessary to publish a completed manuscript are tedious, time consuming, and expensive. In essence, writing is creative. Publishing—whether done in the traditional manner, through self-publishing, or a hybrid of both—is a business process. Establishing an imprint acknowledges the business side of being an author and assists in the separation of personal and business income and expenses. I, through my imprint, select the publishing services company with which I work and manage that process.